Boston x Bio Conscious

Boston x Bio Conscious

The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) is an award-winning program in Boston, sponsored by the Canadian Trade Commission. The CTA is a 6 month program for Canadian tech and life science companies with the goal of driving growth and business development for companies looking to move into the competitive American market.

Boston is the number 1 BioTech cluster in the world, making it a hotspot for innovation and the perfect place for Bio Conscious Technologies. Some of the most influential and advanced diabetes research centers are located in Boston, making it a strategic first place of entry.

Bio Conscious was one of just 5 companies accepted into CTA Boston in October 2019. The program consists of intense in-market training where participating companies are given the opportunity to make connections with industry leaders, receive pitch and presenting coaching, and work with a local mentor team to optimize their time in-market.

I spoke with our Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Dodge, about his experience at CTA Boston during the session in January. Stephen is passionate about the benefits of the program and told me “The Canadian Trade Commission is the best organization in the world! The trade commission is the largest foreign trade organization of any country globally in terms of number of missions and countries served.” The commission helps Canadian companies like Bio Conscious enter and navigate tough international markets, as well as helping foreign companies interested in doing business in Canada.

Stephen explained that the biggest takeaway for Bio Conscious has been the connections made with prestigious research institutions. The Trade Commission connected us with the University of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital in November, who is now developing a very exciting pilot study. Stephen also outlined why UMass Memorial Hospital is the perfect place to run a pilot study for our newest product, Endobits.

Endobits is the companion physician-facing platform to Diabits. It allows a patient’s care team to view real-time updated CGM data, reports, insights, and compare metrics to previous appointments. Endobits also alerts physicians to high risk patients, so they are able to reach out proactively if needed.

The reason Endobits works so well for a study with UMass is because this location serves many patients across the state, some very far from the hospital. Endobits allows physicians to have remote consultations with patients, reducing the burden of treatment for these patients. Endobits is transforming the diabetes management landscape, and will surely change the way physicians manage patient populations. There is a lot of exciting potential in Boston for Endobits for both patients and physicians!

Other connections made during the CTA, include the world-class Joslin Diabetes Center, another partner for future work. Joslin’s research objectives are fully aligned with Bio Conscious, especially their forthcoming work on Joslin Home.

As the CTA program comes to a close, Stephen reflected on the future of Bio Conscious. “We have discovered there is an obvious need for our technology in the market, and we have proven this is the innovation that everyone wants, but no one has”. The partnerships and connections made with industry leaders, investors, physicians, and researchers in New England demonstrate this. Stephen is excited to see what this year holds for Bio Conscious in the American market.

As for the future, Stephen is confident that Bio Conscious will maintain a permanent presence in Boston. Bio Conscious will have much to announce about upcoming work with Boston research institutions in the next few months, as we continue to work to advance diabetes care outcomes for patients.