Mandie’s Story

Mandie’s Story

Diabits is a diabetes management app for people with type I and type II diabetes. Our app learns your personal physiology and forecasts where your blood sugar will go over the next 60 minutes. Using Diabits, users can dramatically improve their blood sugar management by proactively managing highs and lows. On average, our users see a 1.5 hour increase to their daily time in range and 17% reduction in blood glucose variability. Mandie’s story is a prime example of how using Diabits can change a user’s life for the better.

Mandie is an online content creator and food blogger from Texas. She enjoys cooking and posts her creations on various social media channels. She is involved with her community, often volunteering at concerts and her local Christian radio station.

Mandie’s father lived with type 1 diabetes. As a child she learned how to give him his insulin injections, and her family would cook diabetes-friendly meals together. Mandie witnessed first-hand how difficult it could be to manage the disease. Sadly, when Mandie was 11, her father passed away from lung cancer. Two years later, Mandie herself was diagnosed with type I diabetes.

Mandie understood what life with diabetes would mean, but quickly adapted to the challenge of managing the disease. In the 20 years since she was diagnosed, however, Mandie has experienced many complications. Mandie suffers from gastroparesis, has struggled with diabulimia, and is hypo- and hyper- unaware, meaning her body does not warn her with symptoms when her blood sugar is outside her healthy range. As a result, Mandie is constantly on the lookout for better technology to keep her on top of her blood sugar. She manages her gastroparesis through strict dietary control, and has made a hobby out of food blogging as a result. Avoiding diebelumia, and managing her blood sugar without sensitivity to hypo- or hyper-glycemia has proven difficult.

Mandie has used both Medtronic pumps and Omnipod pumps. She has found her Dexcom CGM to be incredibly helpful, but none of her technology has quite managed to keep her blood sugar in check. For Mandie, taking reactive actions after getting readings from test strips or her CGM often means by the time she realizes she is too high or low, it is too late.

Mandie started using Diabits in October 2018, and has seen dramatic improvement since. Working with her endocrinologist, Mandie has found the best way to manage her blood sugar is to target a very small range – she tries to stay between 90 and 140 mg/dL. Diabits predictions is the only tool Mandie has found that enables her to stay in such a tight range. She uses predicted high and low notifications to stay ahead of her readings. She checks her CGM to confirm her current measurement, and then makes small adjustments to stay within range.

Mandie also uses the notifications in Diabits to nudge her towards better behavior, and avoid her diabulimic tendencies. Rather than letting her blood sugar trend high, she has set up Diabits to remind her if she doesn’t correct, something her CGM could never do.

Most importantly, Diabits has given Mandie peace of mind. Before using the app she was completely dependent on her CGM and pump. She could rarely risk going out and enjoy life for fear of missing a high or low alarm. Today, with Diabits on her phone, she knows that she will get notifications before the situation becomes critical. Before using Diabits, Mandie often couldn’t travel because she was concerned she would be unaware of a sudden change in her blood sugar. Now, with Diabits, she can. Recently, when her cousins visited her in Texas, Mandie was to drive four hours to meet them in Galveston. She packed emergency supplies, checked her CGM, made sure her blood sugar trend was stable on Diabits, and set off confidently on her trip. Without Diabits, she would have never risked taking the trip alone.

Since starting to use Diabits, Mandie has reduced her HbA1c from 8.2% to 7.6%, gotten a handle on her diabulimia, and, in combination with her strict diet control, has been able to significantly improve her overall health and wellness. Diabits has given Mandie the freedom to do more than ever before.

There are many more stories like Mandie’s. Diabits gives users the freedom and independence to live their lives to the fullest and worry less about diabetes.

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