Product Launch! Introducing Endobits.

Product Launch! Introducing Endobits.

In the United States, 33 million people live with diabetes. Yet, there are only 654 diabetes clinics to treat them. This is a huge shortage of care. This means that not everyone is able to see their specialist when they need them, and sometimes not at all.

Clinics also have trouble because of the number of clients relying on their services. Most don’t have enough time in the day, and none are able to properly prioritize clients to help those that need them the most. This overwhelming situation imposes a massive cost on the US healthcare system.

We designed Endobits to alleviate this problem. Endobits is a companion to Diabits for physicians. Using Endobits, physicians can see Diabits user’s data collected by Diabits automatically. Endobits is device agnostic, so physicians are able to view all their client’s data in one place regardless of how they manage their diabetes.

Endobits Senior Product Manager, Keith Burke, has directed the Endobits project from idea to launch. He has had his hands on every feature and worked with key stakeholders to bring Endobits to life. Endobits was built with the physician in mind, and it has been an important part of the development process for our team to keep checking in with endocrinologists and certified diabetes educators (CDE) to make sure the platform is satisfying their unique needs. The goal of Endobits is to make their jobs easier, so we needed a thorough understanding of their day to day challenges.

“I joined the team because I really loved what they were doing and I was excited to get involved and help [move] the company forward. As a developer, I really enjoyed the challenge of bringing an idea into reality but the biggest reward was finally meeting CDE’s and finding out first hand how this application will positively impact their workload and as a result get more care to the people that need it the most” said Keith.

Using feedback gathered from endocrinologists, CDEs, and Diabits users we shaped Endobits into a simple and user-friendly platform. Some of the most exciting features that are in the newest version of Endobits are:

1. High risk rankings – Clients are prioritized. High risk Diabits users appear at the top of the dashboard. Physicians can set priority groups so their target metrics determine who is high risk. This allows physicians to align Endobits to how they treat their clients.

2. Insights – Insights show patterns and information for each client since the last appointment. Insights eliminate the need to sift through complicated charts and reports to find trends manually.

3. Notes – Diabits users can leave notes in between appointments through the Diabits journal feature. Physicians can then review these during the next appointment, or on an adhoc basis.

4. High risk events – A summary of any high risk events that have happened since the last appointment. Each event shows the date and type of event and links to the daily trend graph of the day it occurred.

5. Daily trends graph – Shows glucose levels throughout the day annotated with high risk events and target ranges. Overnight lows, severe lows, and prolonged highs are highlighted on the graph. Insulin and other tags are also displayed.

6. Historical trends – Compares metrics between appointments. It shows how much each metric has increased or decreased since the last appointment to display if the Diabits user is improving their management.

6. Glucose-insulin report – This report represents time spent in the healthy range during the week and on weekends as an aggregate. The report correlates these fluctuations to average insulin use.

Endobits solves many pain points for endocrinologists and CDEs. Simplified graphs and insights eliminate the need to sift through complicated reports. Since Diabits and Endobits are device agnostic, physicians can see all their clients in one place. Clinics are able to see more people daily, relieving strain on the healthcare system. With Endobits, physicians can focus on what’s important and provide the best possible care to those who need it most.

Like Diabits, Endobits is proactive. Since Endobits shows the most high risk Diabits users at the top of the dashboard each day, physicians can reach out before the person’s management causes an incident. As a result, health increases on average.

Diabits users also benefit from their physicians using Endobits. Appointments become more meaningful because physicians can focus on providing strategies and helping clients improve, rather than wasting time uploading or parsing data. Endobits also eliminates unnecessary doctor’s visits. Since physicians can view data remotely, appointments can be online, and people only need to travel to the clinic if the physician needs to run a test.

Are you interested in using Endobits with your care team? If so, email us your endocrinologist’s contact information at! We will be more than happy to reach out on your behalf to get them set up with an account.

In the meantime, you can get started using Diabits if you haven’t already. Download Diabits for Android or iOS.