What is Diabits?

What is Diabits?


Diabits is a diabetes management app for people with type I and type II diabetes. Diabits offers a simple and easy way to improve your blood sugar control by using blood sugar forecasts.


With Diabits, everything is unique to you. Understand your health, get important metrics, and set up alerts to make sure you never miss a high or low.


The Predictions Engine behind Diabits builds a complex and precise machine learning model of your blood sugar. It learns how your blood sugar is unique, and then estimates how it will change 60 minutes in advance.

When you know where your blood sugar is headed, you can avoid highs or lows in advance. Diabits lets you take greater control, and be more precise when deciding how much insulin to deliver. Improve your time in range, reduce HbA1c, and have greater control!

Why are we unique?

Diabits is makes diabetes management proactive. Diabits understands the correlations between physiological features and is able to predict the body’s response to different stimuli. This foresight lets you manage your diabetes far earlier than any tool before.

Our AI algorithm is one of a kind. It is trained using modern machine learning and only your unique data. The model is able to estimate changes up to 60 minutes into the future and understands how your body will react not only to food and insulin, but also exercise.

This allows users to improve time in range, dramatically reduce HbA1c, and live happier and healthier lives.

The Diabits algorithm forecasts blood sugar with unparalleled accuracy. In 2019 a validation study using The Epsilon Group’s FDA approved blood glucose simulator evaluated 15,552,000 data points to determine predicted accuracy. For each data point, Diabits predicted where blood sugar would be 60 minutes later. The Diabits predictions were 97% accurate.

In this, and previous studies the Diabits production model was used, which only takes into account blood glucose information from CGM devices. In reality, Diabits uses a more complex, and more accurate model we call the ICE model, which takes into account insulin, carbs, and exercise (hence I.C.E.)

In practice, if a Diabits user inputs this additional data, or uses a connected insulin device or food tracking integration, the model will be automatically selected by the system. You can read more about the ICE model and our other studies on our website.

Why we are the best

Our approach is radically different.

There are many diabetes management apps in the world. Many are very useful, but none forecast future blood sugar. That’s the Diabits advantage.

Some of our competitors claim to have blood sugar prediction capabilities, but these claims are largely a stretch the definition of the word “prediction.” One Drop claims that after entering a single glucose meter measurement into their app, the user will receive a “relatively precise future blood glucose report” with an 8 hour horizon. How can you feel confident with “relatively precise” when your life depends on accurate forecasts? Obviously you can’t.

We are still trying to figure out how they even make predictions using only one data point, and we would love to see the math behind this “AI and machine learning technique”. It must be incredibly advanced.

Diabits forecasts are as accurate as they are because we’ve invested over 4 years of time and energy into building personalized models. Diabits uses only your data to build your model.

Our competitors use general population models to achieve incredibly limited insights, and do not take into account the unique physiology of each user. Truly useful blood sugar forecasting is 100% tailored to you.

Using Diabits you can radically improve your blood sugar control. But don’t take our word for it. Try Diabits for yourself on Google Play or the Apple App Store.