Who We Are

Our Story

In 2015, we realized that nearly every available healthcare tool was focused on treatment— not prevention. Bio Conscious was born of a need to do things differently. It was clear to us that modern medicine hadn’t kept up with modern technology. Now, using the power of intelligent algorithms, we’re changing the way the world understands and manages chronic conditions by focusing on disease prevention.

Our flagship product, Diabits, demonstrates the power of foresight. It proves that we can transform diabetes care and management by looking forward, not backward.


To transform healthcare from reactive disease management to proactive disease prevention.


We Put PATIENTS FIRST. We Partner With Healthcare Providers. We Are PASSIONATE about Prevention.


bio conscious technologies endeavors to make cardio-metabolic healthcare accessible and more affordable by leading the development of innovative AI for disease prevention.

Leading the way with machine learning

Our methodology is based on machine learning technology. Our algorithm is capable of analyzing and modeling human metabolism in order to better calculate the most probable future outcome.

Blood glucose metabolism and helping patients manage diabetes has been our core focus—but this technology is applicable to conditions ranging from heart disease to hypertension, dementia, and so much more.

We’re striving to create a symphony of algorithms that work together to provide users with a complete picture of their overall health along with specific and actionable insights that help them live healthier for longer.