Customer Success Representative 

Duties and Responsibilites

Endobits is a remote patient monitoring dashboard that allows physicians to continuously and automatically collect relevant data from their diabetes patients. Endobits paints a more complete picture of a patient’s health profile, allowing physicians to spend more time with the patients who need it most.

As a Customer Success Representative, you will:

  • Assist with, and eventually conduct, Endobits demos to prospective clients

  • Take a leading role in the overall Endobits sales strategy

  • Assist with clinic onboarding

  • Assist with patient onboarding

  • Operate as the point of contact for our clients

  • Assist in client prospecting

  • Assist in the creation and distribution of marketing materials to our clients

Because we’re operating in a startup environment, employees have considerable control over the projects they undertake. By choosing which projects they want to work on, and by serving in an integral role in our businesses’ growth, our interns benefit from a comprehensive and meaningful introduction to various levels of business operations.


A successful Customer Success Representative is:

  • Outgoing

  • Affable

  • Engaging

  • Patient

  • Confident public speaker

  • Eager to learn

Experience in a previous sales or account management role is required. Experience in the healthcare or medical device industry is preferred.