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Meet Nikita

Heading up the Diabits team as the Senior Product Manager since 2019, Nikita directs development of the app and strengthens the skills of the team. In his short time with Bio Conscious, Nikita has had a big impact.

One of the initiatives Nikita brought to Bio Conscious is “Learning Hour”. Each week he picks a book for the development team about personal growth, and developers spend an hour a day unplugging from code, and reading. One recent book was Atomic Habits by James Clear about forming good habits. Next up is Why We Sleep, by neuroscientist Matthew Walker. Nikita loves books. Some of his all time favourites are The Millionaire Fastlane and Personal MBA.

From an early age Nikita wanted to be a developer. At seven, his father bought a computer. From the minute he opened it, he knew he wanted to become a programmer so he would be able to build software for the computer. In fact, at eleven , Nikita built his first website. Nikita went on to take computer science in university and has held several senior development roles in various companies. He has experience building IT solutions from the ground up to attract large customer bases.

Nikita never stops programming, and works on his own coding projects outside work. Currently, Nikita is building a smart to-do list called Todorant, which uses cognitive psychology to “trick users into completing things on their list!”

A website Nikita developed is called Mamkin Trade. Mamkin is a cryptocurrency and stock market simulator that uses real stock data. New users are given $10,000 to trade in the markets and can see how their results compare to other users on the leaderboard. Nikita thinks Mamkin was his most challenging, but also most rewarding project to date.

Since coming to Vancouver, Nikita has taken full advantage of the city’s outdoor lifestyle. When not programming, Nikita enjoys hiking, camping, and playing airsoft. Nikita explains that living in Vancouver is “like living on a postcard” and he sees himself staying in the city forever.

As lead developer, Nikita does the hiring for developer and co-op student positions. Nikita says that the most important skill he looks for in a developer is an intuition of how to build software and code. He is looking for someone who can learn quickly and pick up different tech stacks. A base knowledge is important, but being able to build on previous experience and apply these skills to new projects is essential.

Working at Bio Conscious has many perks, but Nikita’s favourite parts are the positive atmosphere, team spirit, and seeing the team grow. There can be a steep learning curve to join Bio Conscious and “seeing everyone advance quickly to the next level of expertise is rewarding.” Nikita explains that the quality of the Diabits code base is extremely high, in fact “it is so good that it's boring!”

If you are interested in applying for any open development or co-op positions, check out our Careers page, or connect directly with Nikita on LinkedIn.

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