• Alexander Lindsey

Meet Stephen

Chief Operating Officer at Bio Conscious Technologies

Stephen has been with Bio Conscious since 2017.

Originally from Ottawa, he graduated from the University of Toronto’s Rotman Commerce program in 2017. At university, he spent considerable time pursuing interests outside of class, going as far as founding a theatre company. Eventually, case competitions piqued his interest in strategy and caused him to dive deeper into his studies. This business-strategy focus led him to the UofT Aerospace Team (UTAT), where he built the business development arm of the organization, and continues to sit on the advisory board today. Stephen helped UTAT secure $240,000 in annual recurring cash funding for innovative projects, such as satellite development.

In 2016, Stephen joined the Rotman MBA’s Creative Destruction Lab, an accelerator. At the Lab, students are responsible for evaluating applicants. There he met Amir and Ricardo, the founders of Bio Conscious. At the time, Diabits was little more than a promising technology about to be tested for the first time. Stephen saw the team’s dedication and the promise Diabits held, and so he helped them get accepted into the lab. Stephen and the team spent the next 8 months developing their go-to-market strategy.

Following the Lab, Amir and Ricardo returned to BC while Stephen, now graduated from Rotman, went into sales. Stephen continued to work with Bio Conscious as an advisor throughout 2017 and 2018, helping the company develop an eventual round of financing in December 2018.

In February of last year, Stephen joined Bio Conscious full-time as COO. At the time, he had three main goals: better communicate our message, build a strong team to accelerate the business, and expand the scope of the types of solutions we provide. “We’re doing fundamentally good things here”, Stephen replied when asked about why he joined Bio Conscious, “A legitimate care of users is what defines good. Companies that stand out are companies that want their customers to be successful because if they're successful, we’re successful. Not all of it has been realized, but there's a lot of room to grow and a lot of promise. This job is very fulfilling - 80% of my time is spent ensuring that our people are empowered to do the best that they can do.”

When Stephen isn’t spending long days at the office, he enjoys cooking, painting or running. This flower, inspired by a photograph he took, was painted with acrylic on a fiberboard base and given to his grandparents.

Stephen takes the quality of Diabits very seriously, and so he often wears a CGM to test the app out. Curious to see how his blood sugar behaves during long runs, he decided to wear one for a marathon training session one morning. “Well, your blood sugar tanks, as you would expect,” he recalled from his 30km run he completed in 2 hours and 36 minutes. “I ate one of those electrolyte sugar gels at the 45 minute mark, and then two more some time later. My blood sugar actually ended up higher at the end than where it was when I started.”

If you're a runner yourself, come meet the team at the Vancouver Sun Run this April 19th! We'll be running for charity with BCDiabetes. See you there!

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