Preventing disease requires reliable predictive technology. Our Prediction Engine is a collection of algorithms that understand human physiology unlike any technology before. We started with glucose metabolism and have our sights set on blood flow and dementia next.

Each algorithm is a building block, together they construct a more powerful stage of the Prediction Engine. These algorithms will passively review data and cross-reference each others’ insights, automatically flagging early warning signs of disease.


Multivariate Analysis

We integrate medical and lifestyle data to capture the complete picture of our users' health


Semi-Supervised ML

Our algorithms optimize in days (not months) to deliver clinically acceptable predictions as soon as possible


Foresight, not insight!

Our algorithms are designed to identify disease complications before they happen.  



Our models are perfectly tailored to each user. 


See how our prediction engine is revolutionizing diabetes management.  

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Diabits is a diabetes management app for people with type I and type II diabetes. The app works with continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to learn personal physiology, and forecast how blood sugar will change over the next 60 minutes.

The Diabits app helps users dramatically improve their blood sugar management by proactively managing highs and lows. Users improve their HbA1c, time in range, and variability within just one month of use.


Endobits is a web portal for diabetes professionals. Using Endobits, physicians can view patients’ data without an appointment or a complicated data upload and sharing process.

Endobits streamlines workflows by summarizing analytics and insights for each patient on a user-friendly dashboard, prioritizing urgent cases. When healthcare providers use Endobits, patients also benefit from having better control and a greater awareness of their health than ever before.