Connecting Providers And Patients

Endobits allow providers and patients to get in sync and create true teamwork to manage their diabetes. By giving updates and helping better understand each patient’s unique glucose metabolism trends, providers can deliver customized care with efficiency.

Elevating Patient Care

Endobits raises the standard of care for Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Providers stay informed of important changes to glucose patterns and blood glucose level events to prevent complications and poor outcomes. Diabetic care becomes proactive and preventative.

Empowering Patients To Control Their Health

Through endobits companion app, patients can see their own glucose trends, read updates from their provider, and see predictions of a1c and other measures. Endobits can even predict dangerous nighttime hypoglycemia hours in advance, which give the patient and their loved ones peace of mind. Most importantly, it can help a patient prevent nocturnal hypoglycemia, rather than experiencing the startling alerts in the middle of the night.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Patient experiences better glucose control, more time in range, and better a1c control. This reduces the poor outcomes that can be associated with diabetes. But most of all, the patient lives a better, healthier life every day.

Does A1c Alone Measure Metabolic Health?

Percent Of Americans That Are Metabolically Healthy0%
Percent Of Obese Americans That Are Metabolically Healthy0%

Are You In The Healthy Middle?

Our current healthcare environment operates around the edges. This may sound strange considering how often we talk about healthcare and how much we spend on it.

The vast majority of healthcare spending and attention goes toward the chronically ill and end-of-life care. In the United States, 75% of the $2.2 trillion spent annually on healthcare is used to manage chronic illness. When we look at healthcare spending across a person’s lifetime, nearly half of a person’s healthcare spending occurs in the latter stage of life.

The other population who get significant investment into their health and wellbeing are high-performance athletes. The sports tech sector is booming, with new devices and software used to monitor an athlete’s bodies during training and competition. Some of them monitor performance, but more are dedicated to optimizing health with the goal of keeping the athlete at peak performance and reducing the risk or severity of injury.

You know which population isn’t getting the attention and resources of the healthcare industry it needs – the healthy middle.