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Prevention as a Service ™️

Bio Conscious creates new opportunities for intervention to keep patients healthier for longer. 
For Clinics

For Clinics 

Automate your remote patient monitoring (RPM) services using Endobits.
Endobits simultaneously monitors Glucose, Insulin, Blood pressure, Heart-rate, and others.

RPM reports are generated and  automatically uploaded to your EMR. 

Take advantage of AI provided Hints. 




Automated Reporting



Compatible with major EMR software & sensors.

For Patients

For Patients

Detect Dysglycemia in early asymptomatic stage using Machine Learning Technology and stay healthier for longer.

Preventing Dysglycemia

Preventing Dysglycemia 

Our technology is creating new opportunities for Metabolic Assessment and prevention of chronic disease by focusing on early detection and classification of dysglycemia in non-diabetic users.   

Bio Conscious in the news

August 6th, 2021

Forbes - We all get older, but does getting older mean we have to age? The medical field’s approach to manage aging is to address the chronic diseases common to aging, such as heart disease, cognitive decline, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This whack-a-mole-approach is costly and inefficient.

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