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Technology developed for the Healthy Middle will ease the burden on our Healthcare system

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

One of the greatest opportunities for developing technology and algorithms focused on the healthy middle is that they can limit the healthy middle’s need to engage with the health system. Right now, healthcare clinics from emergency care to drugstore clinics to some research hospitals use online portals to help people manage their own health diagnosis and treatment. These portals give people a more convenient and less expensive option than having to schedule a doctor’s appointment. The outcome may be a suggestion to schedule an appointment, but it may be a recommendation for an off-the-shelf medication or at-home treatment instead.

We all want to be a healthier, better version of ourselves, but the negative experience within the healthcare system gets in the way. The inhospitable environment, the inconvenience, the expense, and for the healthy middle - the lack of actionable feedback - combine to discourage our willingness to engage with the healthcare system.

So let’s turn our attention and resources to building and using the technology that can discern the slight changes in our bodies that we can’t detect. Join me for an ongoing series of articles that will examine the obstacles and opportunities regarding how all of us together in the healthy middle can use technology to take control over our wellbeing journey to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Sign up to get notified when a new article goes live, roughly one a month - we won’t overwhelm your inbox. I think we’re on the verge of a period where we’ll see a mass acceleration in knowledge and HealthTech tools as those of us in the healthy middle begin demanding more attention from our healthcare industry, so stay with us and we’ll keep you updated.

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